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The digital world has forever changed the way that law firms receive their leads. In order to attain a position of market dominance ahead of your competitors, the most cutting-edge tactics are needed. A strategic marketing partner with a deep understanding of SEO for lawyers is of critical importance.

Specializing in Law Firm SEO

When a potential client needs legal services, they turn to a google search to give them the names and contact information of attorneys that match their need. Google doesn’t calculate who the best lawyer is as part of it’s response to client searched, it works its algorithms and produces rankings in-line with its formulas. Here at SEO for Lawyers, we have an extremely deep and thorough understanding of how google and other major search engines operate.  Our SEO specialty is for attorneys and law firms.  Through this razor-sharp focus, we understand the needs or our clients and develop a custom strategy that will entirely dominate the competition.

Powerful Website Review

We begin with a discovery session that precisely analyzes your current website judging the most critical key factors that are either helping or hurting you in the eyes of the search engines. Each page or area of practice will be thoroughly examined to determine your level of competitiveness. Your website discovery review is free of charge and will open your eyes to areas of focus and tactics that can significantly improve your online positioning. After the comprehensive examination, we’ll suggest the keywords that will deliver you the most valuable clients.

Impactful Branding and Web Design

Next, we’ll review your overall design and aesthetic. If a facelift is needed to keep up with the most current site standards, we’ll recommend the overall artistic direction that is best for your individual branding needs. Each color, photo, video and word will be examined individually and collectively to ensure that your messaging is consistent, powerful and memorable.

Improving Value of Social Media

You’ll see that your online presence is more than just a website.  Next, we will determine the strength of your non-website assets. You’ll see how your social media channels stack up to the premier ranking firms on google. We’ll draft a plan that make your social media much more powerful and truly representative of the highest and best version of your firm in the eyes of the public. With this meticulous plan in action, you’ll discover that potential clients will begin selling themselves on your services even before you speak the first word in your preliminary conversation. They’ll see the reviews, social proof and impeccable content across all of your social media assets.

Clear Reporting and Analytics

Your achievements will come to life with our multi-tiered broadcasting platform. Each victory and case won will bring tremendous acknowledgement and SEO boost through our online systems. You’ll see your google rank increase consistently through our proprietary reporting systems. SEO for Lawyers utilizes the most cutting-edge analytics to help simplify data that can seem complicated if ran alone through google analytics. You’ll never get lose track of how much online power that you gain week by week and month by month.

Results Driven Process

Our No Contract system gives you supreme flexibility.  Simply pay as you go and use our services on a month by month basis with no lock-ins or cancellation fees ever. We have the supreme confidence that you will be quite pleased with your monthly results, as you rocket up the google rankings. To begin your free website review, contact us today. There will be no stopping your new trajectory of a serious, robust online marketing and SEO campaign.

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